From the Coaching Clients who
Inspired the Book

The more I coach the fewer things I coach on. Yes, demo techniques. Yes, career management. But almost always, it’s come to the three fundamentals: People, Strengths, Resilience. Here are some comments from just a few coaching clients who inspired this book.

Fantastic recommendation with Read the Room [Section 1: The People in Presales] … - read it last night and had a lot of takeaways namely I’m a classic Expressive person and will use the tips to recognize that my natural demeanor can create friction.


on recommendation of a coaching client

In the 3 weeks since I started our conversations, I've enjoyed my job more than I have in the past year.

Ross, Senior (after coaching) SE

Ross learned to use a particular Strength, optimally. 

Robert sent me a message telling me about an email he’d just received from a company he’d interviewed with. The first sentence of the email - "Hey Robert, The team had wonderful things to say about your demo; “one of the best demos” they have seen!" Thanks again. Next step is ...

Robert, SE, Client

Helping with demo techniques played an important part. We also worked with resilience exercises and understanding his strengths. Those things made the demo techniques shine.

I really love the strategy’s outlined in three secrets of sales engineering success, it gives you practical action that you can immediately implement in your daily work routines that will have a positive impact on the way you approach situations, delivering real value to your career.

Celia, Marketing Manager

As a sales engineer this is a fantastic addition to your collection. A refreshingly different look at the profession, stepping away from the more common books on the technical approach or the variety of sales methodology’s. Three secrets of sales engineering success focus on the human skills in relation to the role of a sales engineer. Giving practical usable strategy’s that you can immediately begin to implement in your calls and meetings that will have a positive impact on the way you approach situations and will deliver real value to your career.

Nic, Solutions Engineer