Thank you for considering presales coaching. Years of coaching, even more years of presales and hundreds of team members and clients indicate it's a valuable investment.

How It Works

You decide ahead of time what you'd like to focus on.  And send me some info on it. Career stalled? Problem with a co-worker? Not feeling engaged? Or respected? Want to drive your team and company to top performance through presales management skills?

We will work on your goals in our first session to ensure you have clarity and direction. We'll hone them as needed. 

We will then work toward your goals in every session, using various coaching and presales techniques as appropriate.

Essentials Package (6 Sessions)

It takes time to establish goals and set the client up for success. To help you define and achieve your goals, you and I will work together through 6 sessions of personalised coaching. 


Accountability Package (10 sessions)

This package was designed to establish a longer term commitment for client accountability and focus.


Ad Hoc (1 Session)

After the initial package of 6 or 10 sessions, the client can book individual sessions as needed. (Booking a further package of 6 or 10 sessions is also available.)


Where We'll Meet

Zoom. We'll see each other, share screens or files, maybe use the whiteboard. Whatever it takes to ensure you get some real help.

Prior to our first meeting, you will receive links to two surveys. One gathers information about your general style of behaviour. The other focuses on your strengths. This information is a good starting point, and has proved useful with every client.