About Aileen McNabb

Hi, I'm Aileen McNabb, a presales person by profession and inclination. I've enjoyed success and fulfillment in Sales Engineering as an individual contributor, leader, and coach. After formal education in business (MBA) and reaping some great benefits in my sales engineering career, I added a solid background and credentials in business and positive psychology coaching. You could say I've been on a mission to impact the careers of SEs, guiding them towards their dreams and bringing them loads of fulfillment. My why? To make the workplace a happy place. Especially the sales engineering workplace. Happy workers are successful workers.

My book, 3 Secrets to Sales Engineering Success: Tech is Not Enough, is packed with insights to help you excel in this industry like never before! Beyond just demo techniques. Beyond just sales skills. What was my goal in writing it, in a nutshell? To take your mind from churn to clarity. Only then are you able to do the sales engineering job in a way that is productive and fulfilling.  It’s a journey you need to take.

So, are you ready to join me on this transformative journey? Let's eliminate the churn and gain clarity to take your career to new heights!