The Book

3 Secrets of Sales Engineering Success
(Tech isn't enough)

You’ve had training. You’ve read the books. You have experience. So why does a demo still go sideways? Why does your mind churn because a colleague makes you totally frustrated? Why don’t you just love this very lucrative job? Why isn’t your career going where you’d hoped?

Because it’s not all tech and hard skills.

In this book you’ll learn techniques to master:

  • People skills. People skills are consistently cited as critical to success. But they aren’t trained enough. It’s not charisma. It’s a necessary skill.
  • Doing your job in the way you do it best. Your demo shouldn’t be the same as everybody else’s. You need to know what strengths you bring to the role. You also want to use those strengths to fully engage in and love the job.
  • Resilience. Sales engineering is a busy, demanding job. You can’t let the next demo fail because the last one was tough. You can’t spend time thrashing around in frustration instead of prepping that next great demo. You need skills to quickly bounce back.

This book teaches through information, sales engineering real-life examples, and exercises that keep your new skills current and effective.

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